Selon Alemayehu Geda (, professeur d’Economie à l’Université d’Addis Abäba, l’Occident demeure le principal investisseur en Afrique, loin devant la Chine.

« The conclusion one would make from all the media coverage and even the views of ordinary people is that China is this huge foreign investor.

« Yet 90 percent of the (cumulative) foreign direct investment into Africa is still from the West, the United Kingdom, France and the US. China’s contribution is actually quite small. China combined with India is less than 6 percent. This gets lost in all the reports, »

Voir ci-dessous le texte de l’article paru dans China Daily:

Alemayehu Geda (2002), Finance and Trade in Africa : Macroeconomic Response in the World Economy Context, Basingstoke, Palgrave MacMillan.