Power is a main factor of Addis Ababa’s development as a Global City. Ethiopia is about to complete a huge infrastructure projet with a dam that could supply the capital city with enough electricity to avoid any shortage or disruption in the future. More, Ethiopia will sell its power abroad. Two recent books are focusing on the problematics that has been revealed by this pharaonic project.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will not only be Africa’s largest dam, but it is also essential for future cooperation and development in the Nile River Basin and East African region.

The main challenges surrounding the GERD will be managing and sharing Nile waters. But it has also an important economic dimension that already showed recent developments including: the signing of a legally binding contract by Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan; the possibility that the GERD might be partially operational very soon, the completion of transmission lines from GERD to Addis Ababa; and the announcement of Sudan to commence the construction of transmission lines from GERD to its main cities.


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1st ed. 2019 (14 août 2018)

This book is about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam newly being built on the Blue Nile, a transboundary river. Due to rising population and increasing water demand in the Nile basin, major projects raise interest and concern by millions with potential for water conflict. The dam design, reservoir filling policy, operation of the dam, riparian countries response, dam site importance and social impact and economy of the dam are presented in the book.


See also Zeray Yihdego e.a. (Ed.), 2017, The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the Nile Basin Implications for Transboundary Water Cooperation (Taylor&Francis).